Fingerboard Deck: The finger skateboard itself without wheels and other hardware is known as a deck. The deck is where all the parts attach. It generally will have curved ends known as kicks and a curved body called concave.

Trucks: Trucks are used to connect the wheels to the deck. The truck has two pieces a top and a bottom. The top of the truck has threaded pieces to attach the wheels.The bottom truck is attached to the fingerboard using a set of micro screws. 450 bushmaster ammo

Wheels: The wheels are attached to the top part of the truck. The wheels of a fingerboard can be basic formed plastic with a hole in the center, or molded plastic with micro ball bearings.Either way all wheels serve the same purpose to give the board the ability to roll.

Risers: Risers are the small plastic parts that can found under the bottom truck. The riser is used to create more pop when a trick is done, giving the rider more height when doing tricks.

Bushings: Bushings are the hard plastic or soft PVC pieces that are weaved between the top and bottom trucks. often bushings will be coupled with washers, using the two together creates a more authentic skateboard look.

Pivot Cups: The two parts of the truck are connected with a kingpin and a master slot. When bushings are added often the kingpin and the slot will disconnect. The pivot cup is used to bridge the gap holding the two pieces tightly together.

Grip Tape: Either foam or standard gritty type grip tape covers the top of the fingerboard deck.The tape is used by the rider to secure a firm hold on the board with the tips of the fingers.The foam grip tape has the added benefit of being more comfortable for long sessions.

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